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Clean Bench

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  • The clean bench is a general-purpose local purification equipment that reaches the 209E level of the United States Federal Standard 209E and is a local high-efficiency purification unit that occupies a small volume.
  • It can effectively eliminate the harmful effects of suspended particles and process dust on the air in the work area. It is a kind of reasonable design technology and manufactured by precision CNC equipment. Airflow clean bench, which is widely used in medical and health, pharmaceutical preparations, biopharmaceuticals, precision electronics, optics, instrumentation, animal husbandry and veterinary, plant tissue culture, pharmaceuticals, food, daily chemical, bioengineering, scientific research institutions and laboratories And other fields.


  • 1.2mm thick box steel plate, work surface using SUS304 stainless steel, but also has antibacterial, corrosion resistance, easy to clean function.
  • The appearance is delicate and the whole has strong corrosion resistance.
  • Quasi-closed countertop to effectively prevent external gas attraction and odor in the operating area from harming the human body.
  • Adjustable air volume fan system, light touch switch and multi-step adjustment voltage, ensure the working area wind speed is always in ideal condition.
  • Sliding Door: Double Suspension Type Glass Door, Opens Up and Down, Easy to Operate and Flexible, Rubber Damping Pad Inserted at the Bottom of Sliding Door to Reduce Impact of Switching, No Stage Balance The size of the door can be freely adjusted up and down.
  • Transmission: double-glazed glass door through the guide rail, counterweight pulley block, steel cable, weight and other synchronous transmission, up and down to open flexible and convenient, low noise.
  • The front cover can be opened directly for easy replacement of filters, electronic components, etc.
Serial Number Indicator/Model SJ-CJ-1F    Single Duplex (Vertical Air) Clean Bench
Cleanliness Level Level 100 @≥0.5μm (US Commonwealth 209E)
Colony Count ≤0.5/dish.hour (φ90mm culture dish)
Mean wind speed 0.25-0.6m/s (adjustable)
Noise   Tones ≤65dB
Electricity Source AC, Single 220V/50Hz
Illumination ≥300LX
Half-peak vibration ≤ 3μm(X.Y.Z direction)
Maximum Power Consumption 350W
Weights <120Kg
Workspace Size 870×620×520mm
Device form factor 1010×700×1635mm
HEPA filter specifications and quantity 820×550×50×1
Fluorescent/UV Specifications and Quantity 20w × 1/ 20w ×1
Applicable People Single-sided/1-2 person operation


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