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(30% efflux) biological safety cabinet

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  • Product Execution Standard: People's Republic of China Pharmaceutical Industry Standard "YY 0569-2011".
  • Unique cavity negative pressure design, air curtain isolation to ensure no leakage under normal use, 70% The gas circulation and the 30% exhaust gas laminar flow method meet the Class II biological safety cabinet standards.
  • The ergonomic 10°tilt angle design gives you a better feel.
  • The outer box body is made of high quality cold-rolled steel sheet and electrostatically sprayed; the safety cabinet operation area is made of stainless steel on three sides (SUS304) Integrated structure, the internal washable parts are treated with a large round corner of 10mm for easy cleaning.
  • Control system uses intelligent microcomputer control, LCD screen display can display the workspace temperature, airflow velocity, filter membrane use Lifetime and other system parameters, touch-type membrane switch to adjust the parameter settings, the blue display number indicates the value of each parameter.
  • Temperature sensor: Real-time detection and display of temperature, wind speed sensor: Real-time detection and display of wind speed, monitoring of fan operation and Operating area security status.
  • Equipped with height-limited warning device, when the moving glass door exceeds the specified height limit (180mm), the sound and light alert the user .
  • Integral forming work surface, easy to remove and clean, under the console with a liquid tank, drain valve.
  • Equipped with filter pre-failure and breakage and blocking alarm technology, equipped with fan overload alarm.
  • Equipped with a window opening limit alarm system, safety cabinet front window opening height exceeds the set height, safety cabinet The interlock system initiates an alarm when the descending airflow velocity and the inflow airflow velocity fluctuation exceed 20% of its nominal value.
  • Standardized with two ULPA ultra-efficient filters for 99.999% cutoff efficiency for 0.12μm particle systems The filter membrane material uses borosilicate glass fiber without spacers.
  • The UV lamp has a timer reservation function. The sliding door is integrated with the window and can be positioned at will, and can be completely closed for sterilization. Glass doors are not less than 6mm safety tempered glass.
  • Front window and germicidal light chain design: When the current window is open, the germicidal light goes out.
  • Stent-type safety cabinets, which can be separated from the upper case for ease of handling and seating.
  • has parameter memory protected by data loss due to power outages and crashes, and recovers incoming calls.
Parameter/Model BHC-1300IIA2
Cleanliness Level HEPA: ISO 5 (100 Class 100)/ULPA: ISO 4 (Class 10 10)
Filter Level/Filter Efficiency HEPA:≥99.995%,@0.3μm/ULPA:≥99.999%,@0.12μm
Decreasing Wind Speed 0.35m/s
Inlet Velocity 0.57m/s
Noise   Tones ≤65dB
Half-peak vibration ≤3μm
Power/Maximum Power Consumption AC  220V/50HZ / 1KW
Biosecurity Personnel Protection The number of full impact samplers CFU≤10, the number of slit samplers CFU≤5
Product Protection All Samples CFU≤5
Cross-Contamination Protection All petri dish samples CFU≤2
Workspace Size 1360*520*640 mm
Device form factor 1500*765*2220 mm
Air Supply Filter Specifications 482*1400*69*1
Exhaust Filter Specifications 395*900*93*1
Specifications and Quantity of Fluorescent/UV Lamps 40W*2/40W*1
Illumination ≥900LX
Weight 300 kg
Applicable People 1-2 people
Outgoing Direction Top Out



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