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(100% efflux) biological safety cabinet

basic information
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  • Product Execution Standard: People's Republic of China Pharmaceutical Industry Standard "YY 0569-2011". The unique design of inner cavity safety negative pressure and air curtain isolation ensure no leak under normal use conditions, no gas circulation, 100% exhaust laminar flow, and meet Class II biosafety cabinet standards.
  • The ergonomic 10°tilt angle design gives you a better feel.
  • The outer box body is made of high quality cold-rolled steel sheet and electrostatically sprayed; the safety cabinet operating area is made of stainless steel on three sides (SUS304) Integrated structure, the internal washable parts are treated with a large round corner of 10mm for easy cleaning.
  • One-piece table top for easy removal and cleaning. There is a sump and a drain valve below the console.
  • Control system uses intelligent microcomputer control, LCD screen display can display the working area temperature, airflow velocity, filter membrane use Life and other system parameters, touch-type membrane switch to adjust parameters
  • Settings, the blue display number indicates each parameter value.
  • Temperature sensor: Detect and display temperature in real time; Wind speed sensor: Detect and display wind speed in real time, monitor fan operation and Operating area security status.
  • Equipped with height-limited warning device, when the moving glass door exceeds the specified height limit (180mm), the sound and light alert the user .
  • Equipped with filter pre-failure and breakage and blocking alarm technology, equipped with fan overload alarm.
  • Equipped with a window opening limit alarm system, safety cabinet front window opening height exceeds the set height, safety cabinet When the descending airflow velocity and inflow airflow velocity fluctuation exceed 20% of its nominal value,
    Interlock system prompts for alarm.
  • Standardized with two ULPA ultra-efficient filters for 99.999% cutoff efficiency for 0.12μm particle systems The filter membrane material uses borosilicate glass fiber without spacers.
  • The UV lamp has a timer reservation function. The front window is integrated with a sliding door that can be positioned freely and can be completely closed for sterilization.
  • Glass doors made of not less than 6mm safety tempered glass. Front window and germicidal light
  • Chain Design: When the current window is open, the germicidal light goes out.
  • Stent-type safety cabinet with stand and upper case separated for easy handling and seating.
  • It has parameter memory protected by data loss due to power failure and crash, call recovery function.
Parameters/Model  BHC-1300IIB2
Cleanliness Level HEPA: ISO 5 (100 Class 100)/ULPA: ISO 4 (Class 10 10)
Filter Level/Filter Efficiency HEPA:≥99.995%,@0.3μm/ULPA:≥99.999%,@0.12μm
Decreasing Wind Speed 0.32m/s
Inlet Velocity 0.57m/s
Noise   Tones ≤65dB
Half-peak vibration ≤3μm
Power/Maximum Power Consumption AC 220V/50HZ / 1KW
Biosecurity Personnel Protection The number of full impact samplers CFU≤10, the number of slit samplers CFU≤5
Product Protection All Samples CFU≤5
Cross-Contamination Protection  All petri dish samples CFU≤2
Workspace Size 1360*520*640 mm
Device form factor 1500*765*2220 mm
Air Supply Filter Specifications 482*1400*69*1
Exhaust Filter Specifications 500*960*120*1
Specifications and Quantity of Fluorescent/UV Lamps 40W*2/40W*1
Illumination ≥900LX
Weight 300 kg
Applicable People 1-2 people
Outgoing Direction Top Out


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