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Three biological ultra-clean glove box safety cabinet

basic information
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  • Meets the requirements of the Class 3 biological safety cabinet in the YY0569 standard and the US NSF/ANSI49 standard.
  • 0% gas circulation for samples of volatile toxic and radioactive materials.
  • Features full closure, full negative pressure, and full discharge. 100% of the air is filtered and discharged into the exhaust system of the laboratory system.
  • An ergonomic 10°tilt angle design for better operation.
  • The interior of the workspace is made of high-quality stainless steel plates that are easy to clean, disinfect, and sterilize.
  • Fully-enclosed reinforced safety glass front window with strict physical means for isolation of gloves for cabinet operation.  
  • Pass-through window on the right side of the cabinet with ultraviolet germicidal lamps to make the product sterilize in the transfer window .
  • Air quality ULPA ultra-efficient filter for 99.999% of >0.12 micron particles Cut-off efficiency, double-filtered efflux, guaranteed product sample,
    Laboratory staff and laboratory environment safety protection.
  • Internal and external isolation valves for internal sterilization.
  • An antibacterial coating on the exterior of the cabinet inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface.  
Parameter/Model III-1600
Cleanliness Level HEPA: ISO 5 (100 Class 100)/ULPA: ISO 4 (10 Class 10) )
Filter Level/Filter Efficiency HEPA:≥99.995%,@0.3μm/ULPA:≥99.999%,@0.12μ m
Average Air Speed 0.35m/s
Inlet Velocity 0.6m/s
Noise     Tones 58-65dB(A)
Vibrate Half Peak ≤3μm
Illumination ≥700Lx
Maximum Power Consumption  0.6KW
Internal Stress 125 Pa
Power Supply AC, Single 220V/50Hz
Weight 3460nbsp;kg
Glove Port Quantity 2 Only
Workspace Size 1200×600×600 mm
form factor 1600×760×1980mm
Specifications and Quantity of Fluorescent/UV Lamps 30Wx1/30Wx130×2
Applicable People Single


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(100% efflux) biological safety cabinet